Bluedot festival

The Bluedot festival was held over 7-9 July at Jodrell Bank in Cheshire.  Along with the headliners the Pixies, Orbital and Alt-J was an array of science including our very own Life at the Extremes stall located in the Planet Field.

all pics
Activities included dressing up like an extremeophile, a giant jigsaw, discovering rocks and minerals to support life and cultures of extreme microorganisms and taking a #cellfie

The aim of the stall was to help people understand what life need to exist on Earth and how developing our knowledge of extreme environments on Earth can help us in our search for extra-terrestrial life.  A super team of volunteers from Geomicroman including Adrian, Rebeca, Edwin, Sul, Gina and Gianni was there to talk science with our visitors, as well as our honorary member for the weekend Liz Bagshaw from Cardiff University.  It was a good job as over 1,000 people came to visit our stall over the three day weekend!

The build your own microbe (or microbial community) activity was really popular

We were really lucky to have beautiful sunshine for most of the weekend.  My personal highlights were seeing Leftfield and Goldfrapp perform, talking to the Cheshire beekeepers and the Met Office, and I also loved seeing people discovering the giant microbes that were hanging in the woods!

I’d like to thank all the volunteers who were involved in running the event and also those who contributed to the activities but couldn’t make the festival.  And finally, it wouldn’t have been so successful without the funding I received from the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Microbiology Society, for which I am very grateful.

Laura Newsome




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